Past Events

2016 – 2017

Tuesday 4th October – General Practice: One Speciality, Many Careers

We would like to first of all thank Honorary Professor Amanda Howe giving us a wonderful talk about the world of General Practice. She gave us an insight into life as a GP and the amazing opportunities that can open up to you when practising in this speciality.

A big thank you also to the people who attended the talk.


Wednesday 22nd April – GP Careers Workshop

A big thank you to the GPs and GP trainees who manned different workshop stations where students had the opportunity to talk and ask questions about different aspects of the career.

“I found getting to know about GP training and types of GP work very useful”

“It was interesting to gain a bit more of an insight into what life as a GP is, as well as being a great opportunity for me to ask the few questions I had in the relaxed atmosphere of the event.”

“It was useful seeing GPs of a variety of different roles and at different stages in their career, as we were able to see the career progression and better understand the different types of GP. I learned that being a GP isn’t just a standalone thing; you do it alongside various other duties too. The Q&A format was pretty useful as it opened things up for discussion as opposed to a lecture-type careers event.”

Speaker Programme

Monday 12th January – Module 1 OSCE Revision Evening

Dr Drew Welch took us through the module 1 OSCE and gave hints and tips! Afterwards there was an opportunity to practice skills and ask questions.

Tuesday 28th October – Working with victims of sexual violence and abuse in primary care

Professor Howe, Vice Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) came to talk to us about working with victims of sexual violence and abuse in primary care.

Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th October – RCGP Annual Conference

UEA GP Society recently attended the RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners) Annual Conference in Liverpool. This year’s theme was “Futureproof: Resilience in Practice” with discussions on how best to work together towards a robust, resilient general practice for the future. Alongside the large plenary sessions there were also talks especially for medical students on deciding on why to choose a career as a GP.

“I really enjoyed the talks, especially the “question time” style ones with people bringing their ideas and perspectives from different parts of the country. I found a few of the ideas particularly inspirational in the sense that I could see potential for better medical practice if resources were used differently (for example having sets of hospital beds attached to care homes with nursing staff so that all the elderly who need admitting for short courses of antibiotics could go there instead, less stressful for them and allows freeing up of beds in the acute trust hospitals)”

Rebecca Neal, Year 4

“It was inspiring to listen to the speakers, hear about upcoming research and see the range of opportunities available to GPs in terms of education, research and politics. The RCGP conference really highlighted that general practice isn’t just a desk job, there’s so much more that you can do if you have the motivation. I came back from it feeling even more enthused about the future.”

Victoria Lawlor, Year 3

“I found it interesting to hear the opinions and perspectives of General Practitioners from around the UK and how a variety of health problems affect their practises differently. It was inspiring to hear how they proposed to overcome these difficulties and the importance of focusing on the general care of their patients rather than ‘over-medicalising’ issues.”

Sophie Paddock, Year 3

MedMart 2014